Sustainable. Affordable. Ridiculously tasty.

Great tasting food that doesn't cost the earth.

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Sustainable. Affordable. Ridiculously tasty.

Great tasting food that doesn't cost the earth.

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Sustainable. Affordable. Ridiculously tasty.

Great tasting food that doesn't cost the earth.

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Making the good choice the easy choice

The choices we make have a huge impact on our planet. What we wear, how we travel and especially what we eat.

But it's not always easy to make the good choice. It's either too expensive, too hard to get, or it.. tastes kinda weird.

That's why we started The Food You Choose.

We're an ACNC-registered charity that buys sustainable food that actually tastes great so you can get it at a price that doesn't cost the earth.

Here for the planet, not for the profit

As a charity, we don't make a single dollar from any of the food we sell.

Instead, we're backed by generous philanthropists and charitable organisations that let us pass the savings on to you.

What does that mean for you? All our food is at manufacturer's price, up to 70% off what you'd usually pay in stores. Amazing.

Our impact so far

Here's how your food is changing the world.
122,161 kg of CO² saved
78,094,793 litres of water saved
4,407,600 m² of land saved
2,393,286 kWh of energy saved

How sustainable is our food anyway?

We get asked sometimes if our food is really that much better for the planet.

Spoiler alert: it is.

Spreading the love

Love what we do? Let us know! Here's what people are saying about us:

The burgers are great! They are super easy to cook and delicious. I just put them in the air fryer and have them with tomato sauce and some salad. The quality is even better than those non-vegan burgers that I've had before. Love it!

Awesome texture and they hold together very well/have body. Sooooooo tasty. I'm eating some right now, with tomato sauce, vegan mayo, and sriracha. Is that gross? I don't know. It tastes fucking amazing. I thought we'd run out, and then saw another FIVE packets in the freezer, and gasped. From delight, and also horror, in the knowledge that I can and will absolutely demolish them. Yes, I recommend these nuggets. My housemate thinks they're weird and taste too chicken-y. More for me? <3

My housemate and I finished the whole 24 sausage rolls in two weeks and just ordered our second carton.. We ate them almost everyday and got kinda addicted to them. The texture and taste are great and they are super filling, sometimes I eat two for breakfast and don't feel hungry till late afternoon. The seller is a non-profit organisation so they set the price really low and want more people to try sustainable food without paying the ridiculously high price. Thank you The Food You Choose! You are doing an amazing job and we will continue to support you along the way:)

Didn't expect these sausages rolls to be so delicious because the price is so low and there're no delivery charges. They are super easy to cook and the quality is just amazing. Will definitely order again!

There're like 40 schnitzles in one box and only for around 25 bucks. It sounded too good to be true so I was a bit skeptical at first thinking maybe the quality will be not as good. But wow these are really delicious and super quick to cook! I have recommended it to many friends and just hope that more people get to know about them!

I have tried many different vegan products and these schnitzels so far are my favourite. They are cheap and delicious, and the delivery was very fast and efficient. Love what they do and keep up the good work guys!

How to cook our schnitzels to perfection