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Fry's Nuggets
Sold out
Nothing better than a delicious nugget covered in a crispy golden coating. Bite sized goodness, coming your way.Sold in either a food service carton (about 190 nuggets, weighs 3.8KG) and retail packaging (about 72 nuggets, weighs 1.44KG) That’s...
Fry's Burgers
$18.25 $36.00 saving $17.75
Our go to option for any burger. Chicken style burger lightly coated in a crispy batter. Sold in a carton of 24 burgers that weighs 1.92KG. That’s only $0.76 per burger. Bargain. Gluten free.   Ingredients: Crumb: Rice Flour, Gram Flour...
Fry's Schnitzels
from $18.25
Our crowd favourite, these tasty schnitzels are a superb choice for a hearty lunch of delicious schnitzel rolls or a mini parma. Sold in a food service carton of 40 schnitzels that weighs 3.2KG. That's only $0.66 per schnitzel. Noice.
Fry's Sausage Rolls
$17.05 $36.00 saving $18.95
Everyone's favourite primary school nostalgia food, now made sustainable. Easy to cook and super delicious! Sold in a carton of 24 rolls that weighs 2.4KG. That's only $0.71 per sausage roll. Outrageous! Ingredients Puff Pastry (50%): W...
Satay Skewers
These mouthwatering skewers are trumped only by the irresistible sauce they come with. Perfect for your next meal. And the one after that. Sold in a pack of 10 skewers that weighs 3KG. That's $0.53 per skewer. Peanuts for good satay! Ingr...